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Discover Japan From South America to the South of France, we thought it was about time for an East-Asian adventure for the last stop on the Summer Tour. Japan's unique culture is a fascinating blend of old and new and the cuisine encompasses the regional and traditional foods of the country, which have developed through centuries. We also have resident mixologist Johan back to show you how to stir up a mind-blowing Yuzu & Wild Rose Martini. Read More Soirée en Provence Provence is known for its diverse landscapes, historic wine, and of course, delectable French cuisine. This menu from Marianne Lumb takes your senses on a culinary adventure, as you master the art of traditional soufflé and garlic confit potatoes. Read More The grills of Argentina These dishes are a party for all the senses, celebrating everything from powerful steaks to garlicky, herby verde. By the end you’ll be the master of steak, have whipped up your very own shiny meringue and frankly, will never want to cook potatoes another way again. Read More Festa Catalonia We began our Tour in Spain and now, 7 months later, we’re back but this time journeying to the fiercely proud, vibrant region that is Catalonia. Ryan adores Spanish food and culture, and Catalonia in particular is like a whole other world within the country. Time to get your 'festa' on! Read More Sicily with Angela Hartnett Whisk yourself off to the food lovers haven that is Sicily. Make pasta without a machine, braise an unsung cuttlefish and dive into flourless chocolate cake. These recipes will transport you to the beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea, Angela Hartnett style. Read More Texas Blue Smoke True BBQ food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and there’s no better way to escape your kitchen than with these all-American recipes. Dust off your cowboy hats, Texas calls! Read More Yalla Beirut with Ottolenghi In true Lebanese fashion, this menu is made to bring people together – it is a reflection of the city’s rich history, seen through the lens of our incredible seasonal British produce. This is definitely going to be a night in Beirut to remember. Read More Discover Vietnam: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh Mastering the art of a good phở is life changing for any foodie. It’s a must-know, flavour packed staple that you will make time and time again. And when contrasted with the crunch and colour of the rainbow rolls or sweet and sour papaya salad, you know you’re in for an adventure of texture and flavour. Read More Oaxaca uncovered with Thomasina Miers Palomas at the ready, we’re off to Mexico! We are thrilled to welcome the first of our guest chefs – Wahaca co-founder and MasterChef winner – Thomasina Miers to the A Cook’s Tour kitchen. Lets delve into the foodie province of Oaxaca and create 5 fabulous courses. Read More The Romance of Venice With Valentine’s day approaching, we felt there was only one place to go - Venice. This indulgent menu features all those passion-inducing ingredients; Aged Shorthorn beef carpaccio, burrata, freshly made seafood pasta and an indulgent chocolate fondant. Read More Wild Nordic Taking inspiration from the iconic food and approach of chef Rene Redzepi, Ryan has created a menu to transport you to the wilds of the Nordic territories. Simple-seeming food, but which has layers of exceptional flavour and thoughtful ingredient handling beneath the surface. Read More A Night at the Medina (vegan) We're heading to Marrakech, where the smell of vibrant spices and smokey kebabs fills the streets. Ryan's menu is taking the best homegrown produce - cooked with Moroccan flavours and techniques - to give you a delicious, warming dinner...which just so happens to be vegan. Read More Korean Street Food Our Southern Korean menu in three words: sweet, sour and heat. The Autumn season finale is not to be missed as we take you to the cutting edge of modern street food (pork popcorn, anyone?). Read More Indigenous Outback This menu is all about the flavours of smoke and fire. You'll take native ingredients, as well as a few home grown ones, and end up with an Aussie feast made for recreating. Read More An Italian Night In with Wine Festival Online The ultimate Italian night in, with a delicious risotto and wine pairing from MW Susie. Read More Temples of Balinese Cuisine We've been dreaming of the beaches of Bali. In this cook-along, you'll learn the flavour profiles of authentic Balinese cuisine and bring them to the twenty first century. Read More Flavours of Istanbul We're heading to the gateway to the East and a city with a myriad of culinary influences – Istanbul, where Ryan will teach you to make authentic lamb köfte, traditional pide and more. Read More Backwaters of Kerala Journey back to Southern India through this flavourful menu from Keralan mountain rice to Yellow Tail King fish and Malabar curry. Read More Welcome to Basque Country For the first stop on the tour, we're taking you to one of the most revered food hot-spots in the world... The Basque Country. Read More
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