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How do I manage cook-alongs for my account?
Simply log into your account dashboard, where you will find a manage cook-alongs button. Your calendar view makes it easy to see which cook-along is when, to book on, amend quantities, add pairings and skip any you wish to if you are opted-in to all cook-alongs.

When is the cut-off to make any changes to my bookings or orders?
You have until 9am on the Monday before the cook-along date to make any amends. We recommend booking early for cook-alongs, as they have a tendency to sell out!

How many people do the cook-alongs feed?
Each cook-along is for two people. You can increase the quantity of boxes you receive for each cook-along within your account dashboard, please note that ‘1’ quantity = a box for 2 people. So increasing to ‘2’ in quantity = a box for 4.

How are the ingredients for the cook-alongs sent?
We use a reliable ‘next day’ courier service, so ingredients are carefully packed at our kitchens and are sent overnight to be with you the following day. You will be notified by the courier by email or text of the approximate delivery time (which will be on the day of the cook-along).

Do you ship UK wide?
We ship to all of the UK excluding Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

What happens if my ingredients box hasn’t arrived?
If you have received delivery notification by the courier and your box hasn’t arrived then please contact us.

How are the ingredients packed?
We use Woolcool temperature-controlled food packaging. Using natural wool that ensures chilled produce is kept below that all important 5 degree C for up to 48hrs.

Is the packaging recyclable and compostable?
Yes, the majority of our packaging is recyclable or compostable. Very occasionally (as each cook-along has different packaging requirements) we have to use some plastic elements. We are working hard on removing this need (while not compromising the quality of what you receive). Pop your box, any other card or paper elements, as well as the glass pots in recycling. The Woolcool lining is compostable.

Can you cater for specific allergens and intolerances?
Due to the nature of the product and the cook-alongs, we’re unable to cater for specific individual requirements at this time. All allergen information can be found on the menus page and we would suggest that you omit any dishes that are unsuitable. We hope to expand our flexible options in the future as we grow!

What should I do if any ingredients are missing?
If any ingredients are missing, then please contact our team via the contact page or at hello@acookstour.co.uk.

What should I do if my ingredients box has been tampered with?
If your ingredients box has been tampered with, then please contact our team via the contact page.

How long do A Cook’s Tour cook-alongs last?
The cook-alongs are approximately 1 hour and are livestreamed at 7.30pm on the Thursday.

What should I do if I have any questions during the cook-along?
You can use the Live Chat function and the team will respond to your query.

Can I pause the livestream?
Yes, and the livestream will be available to re-watch after the initial airing.

Do I have to cook along live?
No. You might prefer to watch the livestream and then cook after. Alternatively, if you selected Friday delivery you can cook-along then too!

If I miss the livestream, what should I do?
If you miss the livestream, then you can watch from the beginning once the livestream has been aired or catch up at a later date.

Do I have to be a great cook to take part?
No, A Cook’s Tour cook-alongs is suitable for all levels, from beginner to expert. It’s a fun experience, where everyone will learn something new, whilst cooking restaurant quality food at home. We do add a difficulty/involvement rating for each cook-along which can be found on each cook-along page (via the homepage).

How do I opt-out?
You can do this within your account or email us hello@acookstour.co.uk.

General enquiries: hello@acookstour.co.uk
Marketing and PR: celeste.good@rocketfood.com

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