The Grills of Argentina

Argentina’s identity is a unique blend of Latin American indigenous traditions and European influences, so you can begin to imagine how uniquely this blend has impacted their food culture too. The way to Argentina’s heart is through its asados, or barbecue like grills in English. So this week is all about beef: bavette and picanha steaks, and chimichurri sausages.

WHEN: Live-streamed at 7:30pm on Thursday 20th May (can cook anytime after or Friday 21st May)
PRICE: £65 for two people (including delivery)

Ryan's destination notes

“Choosing Argentina as the next stop on the Tour instantly transported my palate with the flavours of rare steak and herb-packed sauces. I knew this needed to be all about the meat as the famous Asados dominate so much of the core gastronomic culture over there. We are really championing some incredible beef cuts from London butchers HG Walter, their meat is sublime and we’re even making our own chimichurri sausages as part of the menu. I’m so excited to explore Argentinian cuisine with everyone at home, don’t get me started on that PUDDING! I’m going to let my latest ‘Ryanism’ speak for itself here. But it’s good, people, it’s seriously good.”


On the menu

Mojo verde, chimichurri, milk caramel… we are salivating over this menu. This cook-along is a party for all the senses, celebrating everything from powerful steaks to garlicky, herby verde. By the end you’ll be the master of steak, have whipped up your very own shiny meringue and frankly, will never want to cook potatoes another way again. 

Asado grill
Chimichurri beef sausage, bavette, picanha (m,s)

Rio Gallegos potatoes (Papas Arrugadas)
Cooked in seawater, mojo verde (s)

Buenos Aires palm salad
Toasted avocado, hearts of palm, chorizo dressing (g,m,s)

Rogel Pasteslitos cake
Milk caramel, crisp pastry layers, soft meringue (g,e)

About your chef

Ryan is an award-winning chef from Manchester who has dedicated his life to perfecting his craft. Trained by the world-renowned Cordon Bleu, Ryan has accumulated 18 years of professional experience across the globe, cooking in London’s finest restaurants as well as for a myriad of celebrities, members of royal families and leading political figures. A MasterChef – The Professionals semi-finalist, and former Young Chef of The Year, Ryan is now Executive Head Chef at Rocket.

In the box

Each A Cook’s Tour ingredient is nothing short of special. As with all our cook-alongs, some ingredients are prepared for you such as the chimichurri and mojo verde. Other ingredients are then included ready for you to prepare with Ryan during the cook-along.

Picanha steak
Chimichurri beef sausages
Banana shallot
Rosemary sprigs, coriander, garlic
Chimichurri salsa
Red romero pepper
Green chilli
Malbec vinegar, olive oil dressing
Jersey Royals
Mojo verde
Sea salt
King avocado
Palm hearts
Chorizo dressing
Compressed watermelon
Pasteslitos pastry
Milk caramel
Egg white
Caster sugar
90% cocoa nibs

About your host

Charlie is a Director at Rocket and has over 20 years of experience of planning the most glamorous parties. From Royal receptions to grand opening nights, Charlie is one of the most sought-after event planners in the industry. His passion for food and natural curiosity makes him the perfect co-host for A Cook’s Tour.

Featured partners

About your wine masterclass host

Tom Gilbey has a long history in the world of wine, cutting his teeth as a wine makers assistant aged 23 working for John Worontschak who was then one of a few well known ‘flying wine makers’, making wine in Brazil, South Africa and England. Bringing wine to life, making it fun and sharing his experiences is what Tom loves to do hence the creation of his events and tastings company which now has all of his energy, enthusiasm and expertise. He has picked two delicious Malbecs for our South American feast. 

Wine pairings

Tour tips: Argentina

Our team is full of curious foodies and travel lovers, and between us we’ve covered much of the globe and eaten everything in sight (the good and the bad).  So here are some of our best finds and recommendations, try to keep them hush hush, this is for us dedicated Tourists only…

EAT at El Baqueano, Buenos Aires – If you are going to try the best of Argentinian fine dining, then this is an amazing place to start.
SEE La Bombonera – Watching a match at this stadium makes for one of the best football experiences in the world.

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