The Romance of Venice

With Valentine's Day approaching, we felt there was only one place to go--Venice. This indulgent menu features all those passion-inducing ingredients; Aged Shorthorn beef carpaccio, burrata, freshly-made seafood pasta, and an indulgent chocolate fondant.

On the menu

Cured coppa canapés

Cured coppa or bresaola,  balsamic pearls, soft cheese, toasted sourdough

Aged shorthorn

Aged beef carpaccio, Amarena cherries, Cornish little leaves

Burrata mozzarella

Burrata mozzarella, pickled squash, miso pesto, basil cress

Tagliarini ai frutti di mare

Tagliarini ai Fruit di Mare, prawn, mussels, squid, cod, lobster emulsion, egg yolk tagliarini 

Amedei 63% fondant

Amedei 63% fondant, sweet mascarpone 


Charlie is a Director at Rocket and has over 20 years of experience of planning the most glamorous parties. From Royal receptions to grand opening nights, Charlie is one of the most sought-after event planners in the industry. His passion for food and natural curiosity makes him the perfect co-host for A Cook’s Tour.

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