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Allergen key: gluten (g), milk (m), nuts (n), sulphites (s), crustaceans (c), celery (ce), fish (f), soy (sy), molluscs (mo), mustard (mu), egg (e), peanuts (p), sesame (se), alcohol (a)




22nd April (livestream at 7:30pm) – £75 for two people, free delivery

Sicily with Angela Hartnett

We’re off to the glorious, food-lovers haven that is Sicily with none other than the queen of pasta, Angela Hartnett. This next stop on the Tour is going to be a brilliant masterclass in the art of making pasta (no machine required) and braise an ingredient here much-unsung, cuttle fish. All while transporting you to the island – Arancini and flourless chocolate cake in hand. Plus we’re joined by guest host (author and presenter) Steven Lamb for the night.

Arancini (e, g, s, m, ce)
Spring pea and veal ragu
Pepper agrodolce (s, m)
Parsley, olive oil
Braised cuttle fish (mo, f, g, s)
Fennel, lemon, chickpeas, pangratatto 
Pasta alla Norma (m, g, s, e)
Pasta royal, Sicilian tomato, aubergine, ricotta salata
Caprese cake (n, m, e)
Pistachio cream

Wine pairing:
Grillo Vigna Verde, Marco de Bartoli, Sicily (£20)
or Nero di Lupo, COS, Vittoria, Sicily (£22)

Wine pairing set: Sicilian duo (£40)

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6th May (livestream at 7:30pm) – £65 for two people, free delivery

Festa Catalonia

We began our Tour in Spain and now, 7 months later, we’re back but this time journeying to the fiercely proud, vibrant region that is Catalonia. Ryan’s Catalan menu features three delicious starters including a plate of stunning Iberico Bellota from specialist supplier, Brindisa; Ryan’s take on Padron peppers with melted Tetilla cheese (Catalan nachos?); and English asparagus given a Catalan make-over. Then there’s the traditional paella that you’ll learn to make from scratch and finally, churros – because we couldn’t resist.

Salchichon Palata (s)
Hand-cut Iberico Bellota with spicy broad beans
Padron pepper (n,g,s)
Tetilla Cheese, romesco salsa
Catalonian ‘Grass’ (s,f,e)
White and green asparagus, olive and anchovies
Paella (ce,g,s,f)
Traditional Catalan rice paella, chicken, prawns, saffron, bread
Churros (sy,g,m)
Dulce de Leche hot chocolate sauce

Wine pairings:
Montsant Vi del Mas 2019, Celler Comunica, Catalonia  (£15)
Miranius 2018, Celler Credo, Catalonia (£17)
Cava Brut Nature, Pago de Tharsys, Levant  (£12)

Wine pairing trio: All of the above click here.  (£40)

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